sony a7riii with 35mm f1.4

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I have bought the new sony a7iii with 35mm f1.4za. I have done a few comparison shots with my D750 sigma 35mm f1.4. You can right click the pics to save a full resolution jpegs to pixel peep. All Jpegs shot at f1.4

The focusing on the a7riii os really good with the sony 35mm f1.4za. I haven’t figured out most of the stuff but the focusing is REALLY fast and locks on really well even for running toddlers.

The two shots below shows the sony a7iii has much more resolution than the  D750. The sigma 35 mm has lower CA compared to the sony 35mm as seen from the rooftop antena. I replaced my nikon 35mm f1.4 with the sigma 35mm because it was so sharp wide open and virtually no CA.

Sony A7iii with sony 35mm f1.4 za


nikon d750 with sigma 35mm f1.4


The two pictures below of my highly unwilling subject shows something which I suspected after selling off my nikon. It seemed to be that the sigma bokeh was not as smooth as the nikon but I could not do a 1:1 comparison because I have sold the nikon. From the two pic below, I think the sony shows a creamier bokeh. Which is more important? Bokeh or CA?


sony 35mm


nikon d750 with sigma 35mm


Below are updates on my CA analysis. Out of camera jpegs seemed to have some CA correction applied. Below is a full res jpeg which was developed from raw using the sony imaging software. ACR does not support a7riii yet..


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